5 Profile for the Notification of Over-Claim Discrepancies

This standard defines the choreography for reporting Over-Claim Discrepancies depicted below.

Items in Claim Detail Message(s) received that are not subject to any discrepancy may be progressed in accordance with relevant licence agreements.

An Over-Claim Discrepancy Notification created in accordance with this Profile comprises:

  1. One Header Record CDMH;

  2. 1-n Summary Record CDS1;

  3. One or more Over-Claim Discrepancy Records CDD2

    1. each CDD2 must be followed by 2-n CDD3 Records that provide details regarding the rights claims provided to the Licensor from, potentially, all Licensors that contribute to the over-claim;

  4. One Footer Record SRFO.

Details about these Record Types are provided in Part 2 of this Standard.

If a Licensee receives Claim Detail Messages from one Licensor that, on its own, contains an over-claim, the Licensee should use the Profile for Reporting Line Item Discrepancies as defined in Part 4 of this Standard as there is a high likelihood of an underlying data issue (rather than an over-claim). 

To indicate that a Claim Detail Discrepancy Notification is created in accordance with Profile, the Profile Cell in the Header Record shall be set to OverClaimDiscrepancy and the ProfileVersion Cell to 1.0.